What Should I Wear To A Funeral

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Choosing an attire for a funeral can be incredibly challenging. While the color black is deep-rooted in funeral tradition, every funeral or service is distinct. You will have to consider several factors when deciding what to wear to a funeral, such as the time of the year, the location, the family’s wishes, and formality. However, here’s a reminder that what the grieving family requires is your support, and unless you get your attire incredibly wrong, no one would even notice what you wear. If you wish to check out the cremation options available in Tallahassee, you can Google cremation services in Tallahassee, FL for a list of the available options.

Why Is Black Worn to Funerals?

Throughout history and in various countries, people have symbolized their grief with different colors other than black. In Egypt, gold is the most popular color for funerals. In Hindu culture, white is used as their symbol for mourning, while Ghana uses red. However, in the United States, black remains the popular choice to symbolize mourning.

Historians say that while many cultures in the early Roman Empire used dark-colored attires to signify mourning, Queen Victoria of England made it popular as a mourning color. In 1861, when Prince Albert, her husband, passed away, the heartbroken queen wore black to symbolize her loss for the rest of her life. The British upper class and the entire West mimicked the queen after a while, and black became the popular symbol for mourning.

Should I Wear Black?cremation services in Tallahassee, FL

Today, wearing black to funerals is not always required; however, several people prefer to wear it because it denotes a respect for the dead. Wearing subdued colors shows you are at the funeral to mourn or offer support to a grieving family for the passing of a loved one and not to make yourself stand out. While there are several subdued colors that aren’t black – gray, dark gray, olive green, navy, etc. – black remains the most popular choice. A good rule of thumb to follow is to avoid wearing boldly patterned or bright colors and get rid of flashy fashion accessories.

Whether subdued color you decide to wear, strife to maintain an appearance of formality. Your chosen attire for a funeral service should be one you can wear to a formal engagement like an interview, a business presentation, or a networking event.

Special Funeral Services – Celebration Of Life

Many families are deciding to forego several traditional elements of mourning and funeral services, and most people specifically request that guests do not wear black. This is especially common when the deceased is old and lived a full life. The funeral service is tailored to celebrate the decease and the joys they brought into the lives of everyone they know. Families can request that guests dress in joyful and warm colors instead of black and other subdued colors.

The three primary goals of a funeral service are to honor the deceased, find closure, and comfort grieving friends and family. Your attire is secondary to this, and you shouldn’t be overly perturbed about what to wear.

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