Things To Do When You Can’t Attend A Funeral

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Attending the funeral service of a loved one can help you find closure when grieving a loss; however, what happens when you miss the funeral service? While attending the funeral service should be high on your priorities, you should cancel less important plans to accommodate it, sometimes things happen, and you might miss the funeral service. It can be anything from sickness, being far away, or an inability to travel. The importance of attending a funeral service has been discussed; however, there are several other ways to mourn with and show support to the grieving family. This article shall discuss a few thoughtful things to do if you cannot make it to the funeral. To see a list of funeral homes that have a virtual guest book, check out funeral homes in Quincy, FL.

Sign the online guest book.

Online guest books are a straightforward, cost-free, and quick way to honor the person that passed and show your sympathy. In today’s world, an online guest book is a norm, and every funeral home has one along with the obituary of the deceased. A Google search should bring up the virtual guest book of the person that passed on. You should write a note similar to what you would say if you were at the funeral in person while expressing your regret for missing the funeral. However, virtual guest books are accessible to everyone who visits the page, so you should be reserved when sharing memories of the deceased.

Make a donation.

Another thing to do when you miss a funeral is to donate in the name of the person who passed on. This is a kind and brilliant way to honor their memory. However, ensure you donate to a charity that represents the interests and values of the deceased. It shows the mourning family that they are in your thoughts as most charities will notify the family of your donation.

Bring a meal.

For centuries, bringing a meal has remained a popular way of showing your support for friends or family during challenging times. When offering to bring a meal, especially to a grieving family, you shouldn’t ask as they’ll likely prefer to focus on mourning rather than eating. Send a direct message letting them know you would love to bring them a meal at a so and so date, then ask if it is convenient for them. However, the option of bringing a meal is reserved for family and close friends. You should have extensive knowledge of their food preferences or allergies so you can bring a meal that everyone will enjoy.

Send a kind note.

When you discover you wouldn’t be available to attend the funeral, the first gesture is to send a note. The note should express your regrets that you wouldn’t be available and convey your sympathies. Depending on your relationship with the bereaved, your message can explain the reason for being the funeral. However, it’s generally recommended that you not go into details as the note is to mourn with the grieving family and not discuss your schedules. Sending a note lets the bereaved know that you have them in your thoughts.

Offer a gift card or send a care package.

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The last way we’ll be discussing in this article is sending a gift card or a care package. This lets the grieving family know that they are in your thoughts and you regret missing the funeral. While a gift card is simple and doesn’t warrant much thought, a care package might require more extensive planning. You should include practical items such as basic food items, beverages, and toiletries. You can also include some treats and scented candles. The monetary value of the care package or the gift card isn’t important here, and you shouldn’t put off sending a care package until you feel it is rich enough. Like most things when it comes to relationships, it is the thoughts that matter. The grieving family will remember that you thought of them and tried to make their life better even in your little way.

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