What is the Normal Order of Service for a Cremation?

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Many people who choose cremation to dispose of their loved ones are still not sure about the order of service to follow. The wide acceptance of cremations is still something new, and as such, there is no concrete template to follow yet. However, we have looked at the nature of cremation services in Tallahassee, FL, and can suggest the normal order for a cremation service.

Components of a Cremation Service

The typical cremation service consists of two events – a funeral ceremony and the cremation or committal. We will discuss both rites and the orders of service for both.

The Funeral Service: The funeral service is essentially a ceremony where the deceased’s life is celebrated. It is almost a universally accepted tradition that people who had interactions with a deceased person should gather together. This will typically include immediate and distant family members, close friends, associates, colleagues, and other well-wishers.

In their gathering, they get to commemorate the life of the deceased, recount memories, and share the grief of losing the dead person. The funeral organizers can hold the service anywhere, but the most common spot is often a religious center, especially if the deceased or family are of any religious faith.

Then, there is the front yard of the deceased person’s home. If the crematorium has a chapel hall or garden, this can be a great location.

The typical order of source for traditional funerals often entails:

I. Viewing or Wake: Many also call this visitation. The deceased is placed in a casket and placed on the catafalque in a location for people to come view and pay their final respects. It is often held immediately before the cremation at the premises of the funeral service.

II. The Service Proper: Here, the service is held. The order of service may differ from one person to another, depending on the family or organizer’s preferences. If the family or deceased were religious, then religious activities such as songs and prayers may be the ceremony’s highlights.

However, there is often time allocated for encomiums and commendations in almost all cases. People who knew the deceased while alive get to share their experiences with the attendees.

Some cool ideas include:

  • Memorial Slideshow: Here, you get a projector to display photos and videos of the deceased during their lifetime. You can play songs in the background while doing this.
  • Quotes or poems: For one, you can display generic quotes and poems that talk about grief and eulogies. Also, add in some funeral humor to lighten the mood of attendees. If the deceased was good with quotes, sayings or poems, display them briefly.
  • Other ideas include candle release, candle lighting, and sharing of memorial capsules.

cremation services in Tallahassee, FL

Cremation or Committal: This is when the body is burned. It starts with the coffin being taken out or obscured behind a curtain. Then, it is taken to the cremation chamber (also called a retort), where the body is subject to intense temperature (as high as 1,800°F). In the end, you have only ashes. Some time is allowed to pass for cooling to happen.

No family or friends are often present during this. The crematory staff only carries it out. However, not all cremations follow these steps, but the outline here represents the most common.


An observation of cremation services in Tallahassee, FL reveals a typical outline for cremation services. We have explained it here. You can simply copy the guide while adapting it according to your preferences.

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