Burial vs. Cremation – Which is Best?

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Lifesong Funerals under cremation
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The technique of body disposition defines the distinctions between cremation and burial. Cremation is the burning of a body leaving behind ash and bone for the family to keep or dispose of. Cremation is reducing a body to its fundamental parts via the use of heat and flame. The corpse is reduced to ashes and bones by a specifically built furnace known as a cremation chamber. There are cremation services in Tallahassee, FL, that handle cremation and burial services for families based on their preferences. 

Burial involves burying the body of a deceased person underground. This is generally accomplished by excavating the earth and burying the body 6 feet below it. Recently, it has been revealed that some families opt to bury the cremated ashes of their loved ones. 

According to reports by CANA (Cremation Association of North America), the rate of cremation used as a method of funeral service for the deceased has grown exponentially from 48.6% in the year 2015. And it is expected to increase by 54.3% before the end of 2021. Also, according to FAMIC (Funeral and Memorial Information Council), in a report conducted by Harris Poll, it was reported that over 65% of Americans choose the option of cremation. 

People, influenced by various factors, such as religion, personal belief, and race, have grown only to accept one method of funeral service and banish the others. In contrast, there are others who are liberal about the decision or do not care about their bodies after death. 

Burial vs. Cremation: The Pros and Cons

Burial or cremation is a tough decision to make for bereaved families or even for living beings making pre-funeral plans. However difficult, there are pros and cons between the two methods that may help people decide. 

The Pros:



You are sure of getting quality funeral services based on the costs.  It is less expensive. 
The presence of a gravesite can allow the family closure.  Cremated remains can be taken anywhere and at any time. 
A more recognized form of burial method.  It has no time restraints. The burial rites can occur after the cremation. 
Provision of a specified location where the body of the deceased is buried. This allows for family or personal visitation.  A cremation scattering can occur at any place of choice. 
Burial practices are not limited by certain customs, beliefs, or religions. It’s an acceptable way of laying the dead to rest.  It supports various memorial options for the bereaved family. 


cremation services Tallahassee, FL  

The Cons: 



It can get expensive.  Not a generally accepted method for a funeral. 
Cemetery restrictions may serve as a hindrance to the bereaved families.  It is not provided in most areas. 
The thought of burying their loved ones beneath the ground may not be comfortable for everyone.  A loved one being burned to ashes may not be comfortable for everyone. 


In the end, the choice of a burial procedure may only be made after thorough investigation and analysis. It’s crucial to have an honest discussion with loved ones regarding burial options so that everyone is on the same page. Cremation services can provide professional assistance when in doubt. Their role is to assist you in making the most acceptable decision for your dead loved one (s). 

You can learn more about cremation services in Tallahassee, FL. Talk to us at Lifesong Funerals & Cremations to schedule a consultation and learn about cremation services/funeral home services. Visit our offices in Florida or call one of our locations. 

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