Do Funeral Homes Offer Cremation Services on the Property After Funeral Services in Quincy?

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Losing someone close to you can be one of the most painful experiences of your life, but it’s an inevitability of loving and living. That said, most people note that healing begins when they feel able to say goodbye, which is where funerary services have been known to be important. While not essential to the mourning or healing processes, funerary services offer friends and family the opportunity to see and send off their loved one, one last time. Afterward, the disposition process is usually either burial or cremation, and that raises the question… are there offered cremation services in funeral homes in Quincy, FL?

Most funeral homes in Quincy offer cremation services, and it’s actually one of the most popular disposition options. Cremation is a quicker, eco-friendly disposition method. While it might seem weird to say “dispose” when it comes to a body, especially a loved one, it’s the proper term since you are returning the body to an organic state in either the ground or in ashes.

What Kind of Cremation Services are Available?

There are multiple kinds of cremation, but most people go with either traditional cremation or direct cremation.

The former usually follows a funeral service, complete with viewing by friends and family. In some cases, loved ones can choose either refrigeration or embalming to keep a decedent preserved until after a funeral service. The decedent is prepared with a cleansing of the body, then dressed in clothes provided by close loved ones. From there, the body is laid in a casket for viewing purposes only. 

Direct cremation is when a decedent is taken from the place of death directly to the crematorium. There’s no formal viewing or preparation before the body is placed in the retort (cremation chamber).

Can Loved Ones View the Decedent at the Crematorium? Or While the Decedent is Being Placed into the Retort?

There are strict regulations surrounding disposition methods like cremation. That said, every funeral home is different in its approach to viewings and funerary services. You would have to ask your specifically chosen funeral home about their restrictions surrounding being present for cremations. 

Direct cremations don’t allow loved ones to be present. There are often limited space inside of a crematory room. However, a few friends and family might be able to be present for traditional cremations if it’s discussed and planned beforehand.

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Will Jewelry Be Removed and Returned to Loved Ones Before Cremation?

It depends on what the loved ones want. If you ask for the jewelry to be removed, then it will be removed and returned to you. If you want the jewelry to remain with the decedent, the jewelry will be placed in the incinerator with the body. Jewelry will melt down and mix with the ashes. Any leftover stones or solidified metals will be removed and recycled or disposed of after the cremation process. 

For more information about cremation services, it’s important to discuss your options with a funeral director of your choice. They are there to answer any questions you have, including concerns about preparations and services.

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