Funeral Home Reviews – Where can you best find them, and how helpful are they?

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Reviewing and rating have become a large part of our culture. It is a social activity that allows us to feel we can share our experiences within our community. With the ability for anyone to go online and have a voice, more people have become active reviewers.

And as consumers, we review what other people’s experiences have been with a product or service before we commit. While word-of-mouth recommendations are helpful and very valuable, an unbiased rating is sometimes most sought out in emotional times.

Reviews do matter. They engrain trust. The internet has given consumers information right at our fingertips, and we look to learn as much information as possible before picking up the phone. We try to determine the trustworthiness of a business from its online presence.

But, where can one go to find funeral home reviews?

Online traffic is controlled by the big 3 review sites: Google, Facebook and Yelp. Each has it’s own review system that allows people to leave reviews about a business and help consumers make a decision.

Google uses a 5-star rating that appears any time a business shows up on their web properties. Facebook offers business the opportunity to showcase themselves to their community. Facebook also uses a 5-star review system to help build a reputation of a business online. A funeral home’s star ranking can be found just below the header image in Facebook. Yelp’s SEO is often much better than a lot of local business pages, so their profile pages can sometimes rank higher in Google’s search listings.

The beauty about the Internet is that it levels the playing field for everyone, especially those in the funeral home business. Most families never think about a funeral home…unless they have an urgent need. A death in the family creates that “urgent need” and this is when a funeral home becomes “front and center” to a family.

Since families do not know one funeral home from another, family’s weigh heavily on the reviews they read from experiences before them. However, ranking on the 1st page of Google is not always everything. At Lifesong, we strive to stand out not only by listings and ratings, but through offering consistent, caring, compassionate funeral services.

While reviews and ratings do matter, we tend to advise families into taking it all into account — weighing reviews and ratings, as well as word-of-mouth testimonials from those who have a positive experience. We value your feedback — all feedback helps Lifesong grow and provide the services and care our customers need most.

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