Disaster Planning While Caring for the Terminally Ill

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Anyone living in a part of the country prone to natural disaster or extreme weather should know how to prepare. Pack an emergency kit along with batteries, flashlights, canned foods, water, blankets, clothing, first aid kits, a radio and matches. Know your evacuation routes and the location of shelters as well as pet shelters. Keep an eye on the weather and take warnings seriously.

When caring for a critically ill relative at home, disaster planning takes on new urgency. Life is already stressful for a family with a terminally ill loved one. When natural disaster or bad weather events loom, there are a few precautions one may take to better prepare their family.

Hospice may suggest moving the patient to its inpatient unit or another facility for safety. If the patient remains at home, extra oxygen, medications and other supplies may be supplied to the family. Those caring for or on standby with a terminally ill patient should emphasize the importance of educating the patient as well as local medical staff and family of special needs and all current medications. These may be stored as directed and also packaged in water proof containers.

Have hospices contact numbers and primary physician on hand, and confirm they have yours. If emergency assistance is needed during the storm, do not hesitate to call 911. Listen and heed local weather advisories, stay off the roads and use extra precautions.

In this case specifically, as we prepare for potential disaster from Hurricane Michael, please know whether or not you plan to use Lifesong for funeral and cremation, we are available to assist with a terminally ill family member and would like to serve as a point of contact.

Tholley Taylor, Lifesong Founder and Licensed Funeral Director, may be contacted at (850) 627-1111 or (850) 508-6568 directly.

For more information on planning for natural disasters, visit https://www.ready.gov/.

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