Benefits of Prepaid Funerals

Posted on October 19, 2020 by Lifesong Funerals under funeral home
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You may be thinking about funerals at funeral homes in Havana, FL because you want to make sure you have everything your family needs to take care of things – including your funeral – when you die. If you’re not thinking about your funeral, no matter what your age, you should be.

You are going to die. That’s a certainty. Whether you’re prepared to die (and that means making sure your family is taken care of and they know what your funeral plans are) is not certain. Many Americans put off planning for their deaths because dying is uncomfortable to think about.

However, without proper planning, your death can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on your family on top of the unavoidable stress and strain of losing you and grieving over that loss.

Having a prepaid funeral plan is one of the ways you can eliminate additional stress for your family when you die. Although it may seem like a significant amount of money to spend now for something that, if you’re younger, may be many years away, you should look at prepaid funeral plans the way you look at any other investment.

By having a prepaid funeral plan, you can be sure that your funeral costs are taken care of, without having to worry that your family will have to find a way to pay them after you die. All they will need to do is take your clothes to the funeral home, confirm your funeral arrangements (which is part of prepaying for a funeral) with the funeral director and pay for the funeral in full.

A prepaid funeral plan takes care of every detail of a funeral. This includes the selection of a casket and selection of a cemetery and a burial plot. It’s important to know that if you are an active military member or a military veteran, you are entitled to several funeral benefits.

One of these funeral benefits is free burial with a grave marker in a national cemetery. Your spouse and your dependent children are also eligible for free burial with you when they die (whether they die before you or after you). Even if you choose to be cremated, your cremation remains can be inurned in a national cemetery.

Prepaid funeral plans also include detailed instructions on the type of funeral service you want to have. You should anticipate that some of the people you might choose now to participate in your funeral service will be unavailable (either because they are too far away or because they have died) when your funeral takes place, so don’t get too specific about participants.

There are many ways to finance a prepaid funeral.

funeral homes in Havana, FLOne of these is to purchase burial insurance. Burial insurance typically has lower payout amounts than life insurance (payouts are usually capped at $25,000), but they also have lower premiums and do not require a medical exam before purchase.

Another way to finance a prepaid funeral is to set up a joint account with a loved one that is specifically to be used for paying for funeral expenses. The loved one who survives you when you die will be able to use the money in the account to pay for your funeral.

A third way to finance a prepaid funeral is to set up a Payable on Death account through your bank. With this kind of account, you will a name a beneficiary who will have access to the money in the account to pay for your funeral expenses.

If you want to know more about planning funerals at funeral homes in Havana, FL, our compassionate and experienced staff at Lifesong Funerals & Cremations can help.

We have nearly twenty years serving families of all backgrounds. These families turn to us in their time of need because they are aware that we are leaders in our vocation, have the highest level of integrity and are committed to providing quality service.

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