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In the past few years, cremation has been selected by nearly half of the families involved in planning funerals and continues to grow each year. Cremation, over traditional burial has started to surge in popularity, so listed below are three items that may shed new light on some aspects of the cremation process:

Cremation Beginnings

It wasn’t until 1876 that the first official crematory was built in the United States, in Washington, Pennsylvania. Just three years earlier, the first chamber had been created in Italy, although Romans had long before stored remains during the days of their Empire. It would be another eight years before the next crematory would open, this one also being built in Pennsylvania at Lancaster.

Heat, Not Flames

Many people assume that the cremation process focuses on flames engulfing the casket or container. However, modern cremation focuses on the intense heat within the chamber, which reaches up to 2,000 degrees. This results in the ashes or cremains, though any remaining bone fragments are pressed into a fine powder.

Not Everything Burns

During this process, the body will be converted into ashes, but many items inside a body may not. These include gold teeth fillings, metal plates, screws or prostheses, and in some cases, surgical scissors. Before the ashes are removed, these items are collected by using an electromagnet, and are later disposed in the proper manner.

Lifesong has the experience to make sure that each cremation we handle is performed with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the deceased. If the need arises in the future, we are ready to assist.


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