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Bidding farewell to a loved one or friend can seem as if there’s no chance to maintain a lasting relationship with that individual now that they’re gone. Not having them close to you is something that truly strikes at the heart of most people’s fears about this type of situation. Cremation eliminates the task of burying an individual in the ground, as well traveling to a nearby cemetery. Not being anywhere near that cemetery can make the loss feel even deeper.

When it comes to avoiding such circumstances, cremation keepsakes like urns, wind chimes, clocks and uniquely shaped items serve as ways to help keep the deceased nearby. Each have their own way of helping remind those who are left behind that their loved one is still nearby.

Placing ashes within a clock is a way to have a daily reminder of the departed, since the ritual of checking the time is something that each of us do on a regular basis. These specially crafted items can have a photo of the deceased included so that each check of the time will include the chance to remember your loved one.

The urn offers a visual representation of the deceased’s memory, but something like wind chimes will help recall them whenever a breeze blows.

Urns are the traditional and most familiar way of holding on to such memories. They come in a variety of shapes and types that can truly capture the spirit of either the person that receives the ashes or the deceased themselves.

Regardless of whether or not cremation keepsakes such as this are what capture the essence of the individual involved, they provide more welcoming surroundings than a  gravesite that might possibly be thousands of miles away. These come in options like crystal, silver, bronze, pewter, marble and ceramic.

Specific items that are even more unique can also serve as a final resting place for ashes, with some of these coming in the shape of a cross. Others can take the form of a frame. An engraving on the metal that captures the spirit of the departed is possible. This can take the form of simple birth and death dates or something more elaborate, such as a favorite quote or warm memory from the individual’s life. One other item might be a scattering tube, if the ashes will be scattered in a specific area that captures the person’s life in a nutshell.

As a cremation provider, Lifesong has served its clients with top-notch service. Each member of our staff has extensive experience in dealing with the delicate nature of the issues involved. This includes showing the many cremation keepsake options available to our clients.


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